• Implementation Support Agency (ISA): World Bank
  • Total project financing: $125 million
  • Funding from GCFF: $25 million
  • GCFF Financing Approval Date: 04/07/2023
  • Project Closing Date: 05/11/2023
  • % Disbursed: 0%
  • Status: Under implementation
Moldova Emergency Response, Resilience, and Competitiveness DPO2

About the project

This DPO aimed to help the authorities mitigate the economic impact of the war in Ukraine, while maintaining the momentum on the long-term agenda.

  • Mitigate the impact of the war in Ukraine on refugees and households (Pillar 1): The long-term management and integration of refugees from Ukraine is important not only from a solidarity standpoint but also for social cohesion in the host communities. In this context, the operation supports the establishment of comprehensive framework for long-term refugee management, including housing, social assistance, schooling, and employment. Moreover, the operation supports measures to mitigate the immediate impact of higher energy prices, while improving the design of the main social assistance program (Ajutor Social) for future shocks, especially for family with children.
  • Build resilience and enhance competitiveness to reduce vulnerabilities to future shocks (Pillar 2): The 2021 SCD Update highlights the urgent need to build resilience, given Moldova’s inherent vulnerability associated with a small landlocked economy, its reliance on food and energy imports, and an increasing frequency of natural disasters exacerbated by climate change. In this context, operation supports measures to enhance energy efficiency and the strengthening of households’ financial resilience. In view of the connectivity challenges, the operation also supports the unbundling of the railway sector to play an increasing role in successfully integrating firms, consumers, inputs, and goods within the country with regional and global markets in a more sustainable and safer manner. Also strategically supporting Moldova’s competitiveness in an era of rapid digitalization, as witnessed during the pandemic, the operation supports the digitalization of public services.

Project Development Objective (PDO)

The DPO aims to
1. increase support to refugees and households, and
2. build resilience and enhance competitiveness to reduce vulnerabilities to future shocks.